Getting Started

There are lots of people who would like to try e-cigarettes but just don’t know how to start. While they are similar to tobacco products, there are also plenty of differences that serve as hurdles. The use of technology by itself can be a deterrent, especially for older folks who may not be used to all the complications. This can be remedied through patience and study. There is also the question of sourcing. They are more accessible today than they were before but they aren’t exactly as popular as traditional cigarettes which are virtually in every corner.

Know What You’re Getting Into

The first thing that a person should do is to determine why he or she wants to enter this world. Is it because of health reasons? Is it because their friends are doing it? Are they simply fascinated about the whole thing? This must be clear from the start. The next task is to learn more about vaping and e-cigs. There are countless sources online. Friends can also be invaluable resources as they can answer specific questions. Ask them about how they started and what the experience has been like. Get tips and trips from the experts. Figure out how much you would need to set aside for this hobby.

Search for Stores

Part of your research should be a visit to stores that sell vaping products. In the past, people had to order their gear directly from China as it was the only source. It took a long while for packages to arrive and the delivery charges were expensive. This is no longer the case today as there are hundreds of US-based stores both online and offline. If you are living in a big city, then you can probably find some at the malls. In rural areas, they may not be as prevalent such that your best bet is to order online. Check out Madvapes, for instance, and see if their product offerings appeal to you.

Find E-cigarette Coupons

One of the biggest barriers to vaping is the initial expenses. You will need to procure some hardware which can definitely far exceed the cost of a pack of normal cigs. However, there is no reason to be intimidated as there are ways to save money and stay within your budget. Finding ecig coupons is among the best as you can get instant discounts on your purchases. Nearly all stores have these, particularly those that operate online. Just use them at checkout and your order’s cost will be slashed immediately. Madvapes have several if you check the website. Subscribe to their newsletter for updates.

Other Ways of Saving

Aside from coupons, you can also try to reach the minimum amount for free deliveries on all of your orders. Shipping and handling fees can be substantial. Getting them waived is in your best interest. This amount is usually around $50 but it can be lower or higher depending on the store. If you are just buying for yourself, then you may need to purchase in bulk to reach the quota. This means stocking up on multiple e-liquids and other products that may be good for a few weeks or months. You may also collate all the orders among your group of friends. Simply signing up for a site’s newsletter can result in a discount coupon. Referrals can also have the same perks.

Look for Starter Kits

Now you can shift your focus on finding the exact product that you can use for vaping. The most simple way to go would be to get disposable ecigs. These are small sticks that look a lot like traditional cigarette products except that they contain e-liquids that turn to vapor instead of tobacco that turns to smoke. You can get them at some convenience stores with many being sold by the big brands. While these are quite attractive for beginners, they quickly lose their appeal due to their limited nature.

Most eventually move on to having their own starter kits. These are packages that contain everything you need to vape including the clearomizer, the e-liquids, the batteries, the charging cable, and other accessories. They are fairly easy to operate and may come with a short manual. Look for them at Madvapes today.