Where To Purchase

The use of e-cigs continues to grow at a phenomenal rate all over the world. Gone are the days when vaping was a highly niche hobby that only a select few bothered to do. The pioneers were likely visitors to China who were fascinated by the new local trend. They brought some to the US, introduced it to their friends, and a market was born. The problem was that they had to order products from overseas which took a lot of time and money. Things are much better today as people can get their fix quicker through local channels.

Convenience Stores

Indeed, many of the vaping products in the market can be found inside regular convenience stores. These are usually from brands that are owned by the biggest tobacco companies. That’s right, even they know that the trend is here to stay and are determined to get a piece of the piece. There is still a bit of resistance from some quarters who are out to spread fear when it comes to e-cigs but the rise in usage is simply unstoppable. Quality concerns can now be arrested with the emergence of local manufacturers that have higher standards that overseas factories.

The products that can be found in convenience stores tend to be simple in nature. Many are of the disposable type in that you can use them as is and throw them away afterward. The appeal of these sticks come from their looks, ease of use, and straightforward operation. They are similar in appearance to traditional tobacco products down to the colors, shape, and size. Nobody would be able to tell the difference unless they got closer. They already contain e-liquid inside so there is no need to fill them up. Charging is not necessary either. It’s instant gratification with minimum complication.

Dedicated Shops

While disposables are good for curious beginners, there are severely limited features make long-time vapers yearn for something better. Most people eventually move on to more advanced options. These can be found in dedicated vaping shops that sell every manner of hardware and e-liquid for the masses. Getting a starter kit is one of the best ways to really enjoy the experience. This will include a vape pen and all the important accessories in one box. Read the included manual to begin. You will find that it’s all quite easy as you already have everything you need and the instructions are pretty simple.

The advantage of using a pen-type system is that you can generally fill up the tube with your own preferred e-liquid. Shop for the flavors that appeal to you instead of being limited to the offering of a particular brand. Enjoy fruity flavors if you wish or go for a more methol-infused taste. There are thousands of options out there so it can be exciting to try new ones every week or even every day. There are also mods which provide even more customization options when it comes to performance. These are the type of hardware the most experienced users prefer.

Online Stores

A large percentage of the products sold in this space were acquired through online stores. This should not be a surprise since the culture started through online orders for a very niche market. It is ingrained in the DNA of vaping enthusiasts. It is also extremely efficient, especially for people who may not be living in large cities and have very few options when it comes to local sources. Online stores can carry an incredible amount of variety at reasonable prices. Indeed, several of them are likely to have items on sale at any particular time.

They also offer coupon codes that can be used to slash the cost of orders. For instance, you can get V2 cigs coupon 2018 from the official site itself or its affiliates. Use these to buy vaping products at 10% off or even higher. Companies often use these coupons to feature certain items. Sign up for their newsletter to be the first to find out about the newest codes. A bit of diligence can go a long way. Plan your purchases according to these discounts and you can find yourself saving hundreds of dollars every year.